Why The Toothbrush Family is special and different to any other children's TV series?

Tooth brushing twice daily quickly becomes a boring daily chore to most young kids The Toothbrush Family changes all that.

The Toothbrush Family was acknowledged by the World Health Organisation as the first health education program, anywhere in the world, to be broadcast on television as straight children's entertainment.

As long as children continue to grow teeth The Toothbrush Family has an interested and involved audience.

The Toothbrush Family crosses all cultural values and all national borders.

The Toothbrush Family's simple, non threatening message motivates kids to brush up their smiles.

Children, parents and health education professionals all have their own reasons for supporting The Toothbrush Family.

Toothbrush designs may evolve in time but the concept and characters adapt to meet such changes. No matter what its shape - the toothbrush has an important place in every bathroom.

The Toothbrush Family has a new audience every few years as children start to grow teeth.

The creators of The Toothbrush Family have a genuine desire to encourage children in oral health and hygiene through creative stories and highly entertaining animation.

The Toothbrush Family puzzles and games ran every week for two years in the Australian Women's Weekly's specially created section, "For the Children".