The Stars of Series One

Flash Fluoride Hot Rod Harry Father Tom
Bertie Brush with Mother Tess The kids, Tina and Toby Susie Sponge
Cecily Comb (red headscarf) with Tina Gramps Nev Nailbrush
  Shaggy Dog
(what a toothbrush should not be)

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The History of Series One

Few Australian animated characters can claim a 40 year international history entertaining children. The Toothbrush Family (TBF) first appeared in print in 1967 in a collection of plays written for primary school children. Marcia Hatfield wrote the stories originally when one of her children wouldn't clean his teeth!

Since that time TBF has appeared in all forms of the media. Two international television series, DVDs, CDs, videos, audio cassettes, publications, EP and LP record series.

The two TBF TV series crossed all cultural and national borders - where ever children grow teeth! Their appeal has been to both children, and parents, who see these funny bathroom characters subliminally reinforcing the oral hygiene lessons they teach their kids.

TBF was the first Australian TV series sold to a major US Network. It was broadcast over CBS Network on 200 stations for four years and was acknowledged by the World Health Organisation as the first health education program ever shown on kids' TV as straight entertainment. The original TBF series was an important segment in the Emmy Award winning 'Captain Kangaroo' program broadcast daily. Since then many leading professional health education organisations and authorities have endorsed the TBF concept, recognising that essentially it entertains and "has inspired millions of kids worldwide to brush up their smiles".

Every day kids are bombarded with marketing and sales pitches for everything from soft drinks to sweets to junk food. Yet few parents are aware of the fact that dental decay is the single most common chronic disease of children. Dentists say they see more decay today than anytime in the last 30 years.

For this reason oral hygiene has become a dental health issue worldwide and authorities continue to endorse TBF. It's been said that the more commercial the TBF characters become, the more kids will get their positive, non - threatening message.

The Toothbrush Family - series one consists of twenty short episodes where fantasy is cleverly combined with simple oral hygiene. The stories revolve around the nightly adventures of the TBF who come to life when a magic moonbeam enters the bathroom and the family of the house is sleeping. All the bathroom characters starring throughout are readily recognised by children. The Toothbrush Family consists of mother Tess, father Tom, the kids - Tina and Toby, and Gramps, the senior citizen of the family.

Then there's Flash Fluoride, the toothpaste, Hot Rod Harry, the switched on electric toothbrush and Shaggy Dog, who displays everything a toothbrush should NOT be. Also appearing regularly are Cecily Comb, Bertie Brush, Nev Nailbrush and everyone's favourite, the loveable Susie Sponge.

Series One was created and written by Marcia Hatfield Screenplays by Al Guest and Jean Mathieson and Produced by Rainbow Animation


Photographs shown below show some of the merchandise released at the time of first series.

Millions of children have been entertained over the years by the TBF TV series and the merchandise. Many parents and some grandparents remember the characters from earlier days. The spinoff is that kids have fun 'brushing up their smiles'. TBF related merchandise serves an important purpose and parents and dentists see a value in these funny bathroom characters. They haven't said it, but we can definitely confirm that children continue to grow teeth in every country in the world.

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