Kidsfield Pty. Ltd.

Kidsfield Pty. Ltd., formerly Roymark Television is an international company with world wide interests, incorporated in 1974.

Kidsfield's main commitment is in the area of creating and writing concepts for children and adult television programs; children's books for publication, spin off audio and internet productions and ancillary areas such as associated merchandise. The company's two directors are Marcia Hatfield and Louella Hatfield.

Managing Director is Marcia Hatfield - Creative Writer and Producer.

Though her many credits cover all aspects of the media she now concentrates on writing for children's television and books. For her complete biography log on to

Director Louella Hatfield is a graduate in Design from NIDA, the (Australian) National Institute of Dramatic Art. She worked as a production designer for sixteen years on a variety of media, including television, film and television commercials. She has worked for all the major television channels in Sydney and BBC TV in London. She has also designed exhibitions and interiors.

Several years ago she established a marketing business with her partner, Stephen Kushturian and Marcia. Together they have built a successful international organization that extends into many countries.

Louella has been involved in program development both as a director of Kidsfield (formally Roymark) and on projects of her own projects and with her partner Stephen Kushturian. Louella has grown up with The Toothbrush Family and its history is well equipped to participate in steering it to new heights.