The Toothbrush Family Creator - Marcia Hatfield


Marcia Hatfield - Managing Director, Kidsfield Pty. Ltd.

In October 2010 Marcia Hatfield was inducted into the Australian Writers' Guild as a Life Member.
Marcia has had a long and distinguished career in the media, ranging from journalism, public relations and publishing, to scriptwriting and creating concepts for film and television for children and adults. She is the creator of several successful children's TV series, 20 children's books and recordings and the recipient of international awards.

Marcia's work crossed successfully from adult to children's entertainment, from television to film, to print and record publishing. Her TV credits cover everything from straight drama, police drama, soap opera, variety, documentary and children's production. She freelanced, frequently working on her own original concepts for multi-media, with many of Australia's leading production houses.

Her earliest success was a 26 part animated cartoon series called "Eddie's Alphabet". It ran on ABC-TV for four years. The famous Sydney Opera House inspired Marcia to create "The Maestro's Company". That ran on ABC-TV and SBS. This unique series of 13 half hours introduced children to opera and was produced by Independent Productions where she worked as Director of Program Development. While at IP her adult feature, "Wilde's Domain" was produced for network television. Her documentary, "Australia's Wondrous Waterway", was featured on "The World Around Us" on Seven Network. Sir Robert Helpmann was contracted to her company, as Artistic Director and star of another of her original series called "Space Dancers". Helpmann's plans, included Margot Fonteyn, Nureyev, and lead stars of every other dance form. Unfortunately this series was halted by his untimely death.

Her "Toothbrush Family" (TBF) was a series of stories first written when one of her children wouldn't clean his teeth. These became an animated cartoon series that was the first Australian concept to be sold to a major American Network. It went out over 200 stations on CBS for four years to a daily audience of five million kids, as well as CBC Canada. It was a segment in the Emmy Award winning series, "Captain Kangaroo" for "Outstanding Children's Entertainment Series". TBF series sold internationally and in Australia, produced merchandise such as narrated records, games, a book, 4 videos & kids' clothing. It also won praise from many health education professionals. She was invited to present TBF to the W.H.O. in Geneva and at the 65th Dental Congress in Toronto.

Marcia decided to take a break from the media when her daughter, Louella, started her own marketing business. She worked with Louella and Louella's partner, Stephen Kushturian for ten years, together establishing what has become a successful international organisation.

A 65 part sequel to the TBF #1 series was co-produced by Southern Star Productions, Shanghai Animation Studio, Film Australia and Roymark Television, with Marcia as joint executive producer. Like the original TBF it crossed all borders and cultures. Seen by countless millions of new generations of children, leaders in health education continue to applaud and endorse the concept of TBF Series # 3 that Marcia is currently developing.

Grandchildren were the catalyst that brought Marcia back to her first love, writing for children. Her latest 'My Book of Ballet Stories' was recently released by New Holland Publishers and she has several more stories and the new TBF series in the pipeline.

Marcia appears in the 1992/93 edition of "The World Who's Who of Women " for 'Distinguished Services', published by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England.