What Others Say About The Toothbrush Family

Quotes from letters Copies available from Kidsfield Pty. Ltd. on request.

David Barmes, Chief, Oral Health. World Health Organisation, Geneva, Switzerland
"It is a great pleasure to learn that the TBF is about to produce a new generation. I was overjoyed to see the success you are having."

Joel Kosofsky, Producer, Captain Kangaroo Show, New York, USA
"I want to inform you that the Captain Kangaroo Show was selected this year as an Emmy Award winnerThank you for the part you and your TBF series played in that selection

RJ Donovan, Ass.Trade Commission, New York, USA
"I spoke to the producer of Captain Kangaroo who commented that the TBF segment was probably the most significant part of that program in terms of viewer recognition and viewer response."

Randall B.Grove, Director, Bureau of Health Education, American Dental Association, USA
"The success of TBF and its continued contribution to the Captain Kangaroo program here in the States speaks well for your untiring efforts.."

J E Arlberg, Executive Director, Federation Dentaire Internationale, London, England.
"I am very impressed with the great coverage you have achieved with the TBF internationally and with the impact that this obviously has had among millions of children"

The Hon Tony Abbott, MP, Australian Minister for Health, Australia
"Ms Hatfield has enjoyed considerable international success with the TBFIt became well known by millions of children across different cultures.Her latest project, is a happy adventure about smilesI wish it every success'

Arthur van Deth, Chair, National Advirory Committee on Oral Health, Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia
"I wish to endorse TBF series #3 with its simple non-threatening message that can make tooth brushing an attractive and fun thing for small children to do."

Sam Ball, Professor Emeritus of Education, University of Sydney and Melbourne, Australia
"I am particularly attuned to the merits of TBF because I was the original head of research for "Sesame Street" in USA"

The Hon. Dr. Brendon Nelson MP, former Minister for Education, Australia
"I have no doubt that Ms Hatfield's latest story will continue to delight and entertain while providing rich educational messages of oral health to children around the world"

Barrie A Pratt, President, New Zealand Dental Health Foundation, Auckland, NZ
"The Board endorse the further expansions of TBF series. Previous TV and books for young children on the TBF have influenced the oral hygiene habits of millions of children throughout the world.."

David Crum, Executive Director, New Zealand Dental Association, Auckland, NZ
The N.Z. Dental Association supports positive oral health messagesyour program could greatly assist in thisplease contact me should you wish to follow up regarding distribution to dentists of your material"

Associate Professor Peter Barnard, Hon. Research Consultant, Australian Dental Association
"There was great support from the dental profession in Australia, and at International level, for both TBF TV series. You will continue to have that dental support for a new entertaining and educational production that has the same quality you have previously shown to the world."

Queensland Braille Writing Association
"This Association requests permission to use the information and would appreciate a copy of the TBF script for transcription into Braille. We work for the Narbethong School for the Blind as well as other blind readers." - A TBF book in Braille was subsequently produced.